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        MATT WORLD


Born - 20 Apr 65 Whiston Rotherham

Schooling -              3 to 6 Some nursery school at the end of Broom Valley Road

                                 6 to 9 Broom Valley Infants and Junior School

                                 9 to 11 Badsley Moor Lane Junior School

                                 11 to 16 South Grove Comp 

Employment             16 to 28 British Army (Left after 12 years as a Bombardier)

                                 28 to 34 Wincanton Rotherham, Distributions

                                  34 to date Hella Lippstadt, Sputtering machine operator

Married 24 years with 3 kids and 2 Grandkids

Hobby::  Photography

Reading:   Andy McNab - War Torn and Chris Ryan . The Kill Zone

Fovorite Charity - Help for Heroes


Hi and welcome to Matt World.  Above left the weather in my home town Rotherham and to the right Paderborn approcimately 20 miles from where I live now.

Matt World is all about me.  My life in Germany and the bubble I live in.  In effect a Blog with a bite. I hope you enjoy your visit and feel free to leave any comments on my comment page.

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